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Look Great, Play Great!

Family owned, entrepreneurs, former NFL player Anthony Sargent and his son Dupre, are bringing you some amazing style and fashion. Soon all your needs can be found here. Golfing, nightlife, business casual, urban wear, and more. As of now, just the golf line is up and running. 
We speak to your soul, fashion is at the core of who we are. It is our passion to fill every room with joy, laughter, and a grand time. Pro Style Looks will make you feel like a million bucks! Made with passion and excellence, quality and design is not spared - you WILL be impressed! Creativity and desire help you unlock your dreams. Pro Style Looks delivers, and gives you the confidence no matter what occasion or atmosphere you are in. Take charge, and be dignified in your looks.


We created Pro Style Looks to show professional individuals of all ethnicities how to dress for success, fun, nightlife, and to be themselves out on the town or date.
Pro - is for the professional athlete, the business man or woman, the janitor, the school teacher, anyone and everyone who wants to feel life as a professional on a night out with their partner or significant other, or just out with friends. 
Style - a creation of how you feel as an individual inside and out. Being able to know that we have any style you want, from casual to sporty or professional.
Looks - We have every combination of looks from suits and tie, jeans and blazers, dress shirts and slacks our line carries an assortment of fashion to give you any look you desire. 

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